Kerri Dunshea

Medium: Watercolour

In honour of all the beautiful pangolin spirits that have lost their lives to carelessness. To ‘RIVER’ you stirred something in my soul that will never die.


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Artist Bio

Art by Kez (Instagram: Art by Kez / Face Book : Art by Kez )
I love working with the elements and in particular when using water colour I connect to the water as we work together to create artwork that people can connect with. I am a deep thinker, adventurer, nature lover, a mother and I love the magic that exists within and around us. I cherish life as a gift and am grateful to share part of me in a creative way. I love painting our beautiful pangolins as they have a sentient spirit that trusts deeply and is extremely vulnerable. I hope we can recognize that we have the power to make a change and become earth’s keepers.